eTransmittal for Construction

Is your current Construction Project Management System running as smoothly and seamlessly as you would like? Do your managers, team members, construction crew, and clients all have one site where they can view blueprints, project files, and plans?

Is your valuable time being spent emailing documents, tracking courier and mail packages, or trying to configure complex file transfer protocol (FTP) programs? eTransmittal can transform the way that you do business!

We are construction focused, and our simplified FTP alternative system can minimize almost every area of communication into one simple online file management system accessible anywhere an Internet connection exists. Your team can view new specs and prints check any changes made at a glance – and your client gets instantaneous updates every step of the way.

The eTransmittal system allows for customized pages that generate needed information for each team member; these pages can be custom-tailored according to individual needs and job description.

eTransmittal makes it easy to:

  • Transfer big files, bids and proposals to everyone on your team with one click.
  • Easily send large documents and bids to subcontractors and vendors in seconds.
  • Categorize contacts by industry or role, such as plumbers, electricians and engineers.
  • Meets security requirements for U.S. Government contract compliance.
  • Receive alerts for file revisions, new transmittals or when building plans change, .
  • Easily navigated for everyone from the novice computer operator to advanced technician.
  • Receive quick reports for documentation and track the progress of your projects.

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