eTransmittal - Manage Online Documents Securely in the Cloud

For most A/E/C Professionals, project team members are spread out across a vast geographic expanse. Have you ever wished you could bring everyone together in one localized place, with 100% visibility and accountability for the entire project, from bidding to billing? eTransmittal can make that wish a reality.

Our electronic document management software was developed to allow architecture, engineering and construction firms to not only transmit their large documents, but also to:

  • Track which version of the document you're working on. A time stamp as well as a revision and status history keep everyone on the same page.
  • Receive alerts that let you and other authorized users know when a file has been updated.
  • Use sophisticated label-based document organization that lets you quickly access your documents.
  • Rest easy with multi-level security that gives you the peace of mind you need when working on sensitive and confidential documents.

eTransmittal is an alternative to the traditional FTP method for document management, as well as sending and receiving large digital files online. To send files via eTransmittal, all you have to do is select the files you want to send and then select the contacts you want to send them to. eTransmittal then notifies your contacts of the shared documents via email and automatically tracks their interactions with and changes to the documents you share.

This document management software enhances your delivery speed, document security, and allows you to track the document throughout its life, features not found with the standard file transfer protocol format.

No special equipment or training is needed to be up and running with eTransmittal. Our eTransmittal document management solutions work using Windows, MacOS or Linux operating systems on a computer with high-speed Internet access. Easy setup, simple interface and reliable tracking increase productivity, efficiency, and billable hours.

With eTransmittal, employees can spend time working on vital projects instead of chasing down documents.

Electronic document management systems offer architecture, engineering and construction firms an unprecedented level of document access security. You can limit the access of your internal users by controlling what accounts and projects they can access; external users only have access to the documents you specify through the guest account user interface. All file storage and transactions are secured using SSL technology, giving your eTransmittal documents the same level of security as major financial institutions.

Your Administrator can accommodate clients who need to view and download your electronic files by setting up a guest account for each client. Your designated Administrator can add projects, users and contacts or delete them at will, giving him or her complete control over all areas of your eTransmittal company account.

You can see how well the eTransmittal document management software works by signing up for a thirty-day free trial. During this time you will be given a full featured account to determine if the system meets your company's needs.

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