eTransmittal For Any Business

Not Just for Architects, Engineers & Construction anymore!

We recently launched the Standard Version of our file sharing software; for use by any business that needs to manage, organize, track, and send big files.

Are you still trying to use email? Dealing with FTP Hassles? Printing and mailing documents? If so, you could be wasting Time, Money, and Efficiency on outdated methods not meant for transferring large files. With eTransmittal you can easily send files of any size to any number of recipients, all with bank-level security.

A File Sharing Tool For Today's Fast-Paced Business World. Don't Get Left Behind!

  • 2 GB of Online Storage per user
  • Send, Store and Receive Files with the Cloud
  • Bank Level Security File Sharing and Tracking
  • Bypass Email File Size Restrictions
  • Unlimited Document Transfers & Transmittals
  • Send Big Files Easily
  • No Programs to Download
  • Eco-Friendly, Save Paper!

Some of the Headaches You'll No Longer Endure Once You Start Using eTransmittal Standard

  • Managing Permissions for numerous FTP Folders
  • Downloading Questionable File-Compressing Software
  • Shrinking Files to Meet Email Size Restrictions
  • Buying Expensive Hardware to Store Documents
  • Breaking up Files into Smaller Sections
  • Losing Track of File Revisions and Updates
  • Spending Hours Trying to Find Missing Documents
  • Wondering if the Recipient Received the File You Sent
  • Missing Deadlines Due to Sending Failures