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eTransmittal Case Study: ADA - ES

About ADA Environmental Solutions

Founded in 1996, ADA Environmental Solutions serves the energy industry by helping power generation facilities meet environmental regulations through cost-effective emissions reduction products. ADA employs around 100 workers and serves energy production clients nationwide from its Littleton, CO headquarters.

Partnership in Progress

Our partnership with ADA began in 2000, shortly after bWERX Inc. (eTransmittal's parent company) was founded. Despite its humble beginnings as a web design side job started by CEO Justin Culver, bWERX established a mutually advantageous relationship and sound rapport with ADA, leading both companies into a prosperous period of growth. "We've grown and expanded as they have," said Culver in a recent magazine feature about his work with ADA. "It's been a great blessing and learning experience to work with ADA."

A Watershed Awakening

Prior to bWERX's involvement with ADA, the small environmental solutions company was struggling with some internal logistical and collaborative challenges. The firm was using a combination of cumbersome FTP (File Transfer Protocol) tools and Excel spreadsheets to manage and execute critical project materials and data. The small handful of staffers at ADA kept the firm moving forward well enough, but adding more people to the mix could compound their issues with inadequate collaborative tools.

Furthermore, ADA faced concerns over its technology advancement and infrastructure as it entered a hastened period of growth in the early stages. However, their prospective growth would also represent a rude awakening for the firm. Having recently netted contracts with the US Government, which would more than double their annual workload, ADA quickly found itself standing at a crossroads. The added growth was on the horizon no matter what, but ADA's true test of mettle would come as they confronted the choice between adding more manpower to the crew or opting for new innovations and technological tools.

A Plan Comes Together

When bWERX CEO Justin Culver initially consulted with ADA to assess their operations and lay the groundwork for solutions, he immediately recognized significant inefficiencies with their technology tools - namely project management and collaborative assets. "It made my head hurt just looking at how they were trying to track everything manually," recalls Culver.

With a workload of more than 400 drawings per month to manage, ADA was floundering with its existing 'patchwork' systems of spreadsheets and FTP sites. As initial analyses concluded, Culver shifted focus toward solutions, thusly giving rise to the very first prototype of eTransmittal, which was originally developed as a custom solution for ADA's digital logistics issues.

The bWERX team developed eTransmittal from scratch, crafting features into the system to overcome inherent drawbacks to obsolete tools traditionally used by AEC firms like ADA in everyday operations. For example, the lack of any tracking capability in ADA's FTP tools was addressed through an intelligent tracking and revision function built into eTransmittal.

Over the years, eTransmittal became an invaluable asset in ADA's arsenal, prompting many of their colleagues and associates to come forward asking where to acquire the program. After seeing such resounding success and demand for eTransmittal, bWERX 'product-ized' the software and re-developed it for wider use.

Summary of Success

In addition to ADA's success, bWERX and eTransmittal enjoyed a fruitful growth period through the partnership. While the development of eTransmittal was certainly a highlight of the campaign, bWERX achieved a great many more accomplishments for ADA, such as:

  • Scaled infrastructure from supporting a handful of personnel locally to hundreds nationwide
  • Eliminated the otherwise costly need of hiring additional engineers
  • Saved ADA over $100,000 in payroll, wasted man-hours and inefficient technology
  • Slashed the time taken on basic daily tasks from hours to minutes
  • Fostered growth, enabling ADA to more than double their capacity for new projects