eTransmittal Features & Functions

Streamline Operations and Boost Profits

eTransmittal provides powerful features and functions that streamline operations for any industry, minimize risk and improve billable hours!

Secure, Automated Document Transmission

Transmittals can be sent in three easy steps. Users simply log in to the system and:

  • Click to select documents that need to be sent to other project team members. A pre-numbered transmittal is automatically created
  • Click to select contacts to whom the documents will be sent
  • Click "Send" - eTransmittal then automatically notifies the intended recipient by email, within seconds, that a transmittal with documents and messages is waiting for them to review and/or download as a guest user of the system.

Automated Document Version Tracking

Each document is automatically given its own number and time/date stamp, thus allowing business professionals to make sure they are working on the correct version of the document for a given project. eTransmittal also maintains a Revision and Status History on each document.

Time- and Date-stamped Transmission Audit Trail

eTransmittal automatically tracks when a transmittal was sent, who accessed it, and when they reviewed it and/or downloaded it, as well as when they sent the transmittal back with comments or changes.

Automated Alerting

eTransmittal offers a variety of alerting options, including a standard email alert to a recipient that a transmittal is waiting for them. Advanced alerts include alerting users how much disk space is still available, and when guest users have accessed the information sent to them.

Label-based Document Organization System

Users can apply as many "labels" to a document as they choose which allows for fast, easy searches and location of documents within the system. Typical labels applied to documents include: Multi-site, Vendors, Company Divisions, Confidential, Geographical, and other document associations that need to be flagged. This labeling function is far more powerful and efficient for document searches than traditional, folder-based structures.

Multiple Levels of Security

eTransmittal offers multiple levels of security including: users must log in with a name and password; documents are encrypted both when they are stored on the system and when they are transmitted using online banking/e-commerce-level encryption; and the advanced "Pro" interface features a "Public/Private" project option in which documents can be password-protected, so only those with designated user access privileges can view, modify, and send specific documents associated with specific projects.

Other features of eTransmittal include: One central repository for documents, redundant storage of the material with multiple back-up servers to protect the data; powerful document search functions; and 24/7 access anywhere in the world using an internet connection.

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