Document Management for Architects, Engineers and Construction Firms

As a top-notch FTP alternative for A/E/C firms, eTransmittal represents a complete file sharing and document management solution, streamlining workflow and operations for a better bottom line. Check out the benefits below!

Document Management System for A/E/C

  • Save Money & Improve Revenue: eTransmittal frees up high-level professionals to focus on billable work. More direct savings are realized by eliminating document shipping and courier fees as well as FTP servers and maintenance costs.
  • Save Time: Trying to break down huge drawings and documents so you can email them, compressing large files, maintaining the privacy of your FTP files, locating electronic documents and tracking project revisions will all collectively decimate your precious time. eTransmittal eliminates all of those time-sinks and more.
  • Improved Accuracy: Never miss another deadline with e Transmittal's sophisticated version control and version tracking functions. Ensure your team is always revising and finalizing the correct, most recent version of a document.
  • Improved Project Accountability: eTransmittal improves communication and coordination between project team members, providing a complete audit trail of which documents were sent to whom, complete with time-stamps and status tags. No more guessing games or uncertainty regarding who did what, and when.
  • Tailored to A/E/C Needs: Designed with builders in mind, eTransmittal is custom-tailored specifically to meet the needs of architecture, engineering and construction firms. We developed eTransmittal with the understanding that collaborating remotely and managing documents, whether at the job site or the drawing board, should be easy and hassle-free.
  • Increased Security and Protection of Intellectual Property: eTransmittal provides a much higher level of security than email or FTP sites. This protects intellectual property (design work), as well as business intelligence (such as pricing information on services, and profit margins, etc.)
  • Protect Data Despite Turnover: eTransmittal's labeling system, archiving features and powerful search functions mean it's easy to find old documents and data, even if a key staffer leaves the firm or a subcontractor's assignment ends.
  • Eco-Friendly Approach: A/E/C firms can market themselves with integrity as eco-friendly businesses. With eTransmittal, the paper trail is minimized. There are fewer carbon emissions due to less shipping of documents.

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