Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about our document sharing ftp alternative.

What Is eTransmittal?

Find out about this online software service and how it can improve your document management.

How does eTransmittal work?

Learn how eTransmittal helps you send, track, and organize files of all kinds.

What's the difference between eTransmittal and FTP?

eTransmittal provides speed, security, and ease of use that FTP programs lack.

What's the difference between Transmittals and Submittals?

Much of the difference is determined by how much collaboration is needed.

What kinds of documents can I use with eTransmittal?

Find out what kinds of documents are compatible with eTransmittal.

Will eTransmittal work with MacOS X or Linux?

eTransmittal works with almost any operating system.

Can individuals use eTransmittal?

eTransmittal is available for large companies, but single users can also benefit from its features.

I'm not an A/E/C firm, is eTransmittal still for me?

While originally developed for A/E/C firms, any business can benefit from it.

Can my employees and clients use eTransmittal?

Different user levels make it easy for administrators, employees and clients to have access to eTransmittal.

What are the different Account Types for?

Learn about the Administrator, User, and Guest account in eTransmittal.

How much does eTransmittal cost?

eTransmittal saves you money and pays for itself in just a short time.

How can I learn more?

Sign up for a free 14-day trial or contact our sales team today.