How eTransmittal Works to Boost Your Profits and Cut Expenses

More than just a must-have software tool for sending and managing big files, eTransmittal is an investment that can offer significant returns. Our clients begin realizing admin cost reductions of 50% or more within just the first month.

  • Finish Projects Faster

    The functionality built into eTransmittal is custom tailored for AEC firms and serves to streamline your operations. Not only does eTransmittal eliminate hassles and costs encountered with FTP, printing and shipping documents as well as email, but it's also the perfect complement to AutoCAD programs.

    Following the Herd: Imagine you have a team of engineers on a job site needing to revise the building plans based on new measurents. Industry standards would prove that they would use large pads of paper and colored pencils to make their updates. Later, they would mail these documents to headquarters and await approval. This process would be repeated as many times as revisions were needed, sacrificing hours and even days in the process.

    Competitive Edge: If those same engineers had eTransmittal, they would simply revise the plans in real time on a tablet computer and instantaneously send the updated files to everyone involved. Cutting the wasted time down from days to minutes can potentially create a margin surplus in the thousands, after just one project.

  • Take on More Contracts

    eTransmittal enables large project teams to collaborate more efficiently, even across vast distances. It takes huge chunks of wasted time out of the life of a project, creating a huge surplus of precious available days. The added efficiency in project management, coupled with the significant time savings means your firm will be empowered to take on additional projects - even still with less work!

  • Add Value to Your Firm's Services and Win More Bids

    Are you setting yourself apart substantially from your competitors? eTransmittal enables your company to leverage a value-add technology as a selling point when bidding on projects. Not only will you be able to pitch your firm as an enterprise with tools that put you ahead of the pack, but you can also bid with shorter time windows and deadlines, beating out competitors who wouldn't dream of promising such fast completion estimates.

  • Built in Brand Marketing

    We pride ourselves on the fact that eTransmittal isn't just a bare-bones FTP alternative. We understand how important it is to represent your company (and it's brand reputation) impressively to clients, which is part of the reason we included features that add professionalism and a marketing edge with clean, polished branding and logos on all of your transmittals. It's just another perk designed to create a launchpad for success and increased revenues for your business.

  • Cut Costs on Overhead

    When calculating all the costs of managing large files and project collaboration tools, the ledger can quickly dip steeply into the red. From expensive, space hogging FTP servers to printing and shipping costs for documents, to wasted billable hours and maintenance time, it all adds up very quickly. eTransmittal is designed to solve multiple issues that previously sapped away at your bottom line, representing a significant reduction in your overhead expenses. Find out the ROI for your specific business using our Interactive Savings & ROI Calculator

The security and accessibility of eTransmittal is comprehensive. Documents are stored in one central repository with redundant storage and multiple back-up servers to protect the data. A/E/C users have 24/7 access from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.