Send Big Files Securely with eTransmittal's Multi-Layered Document Security

A/E/C Firms Need Secure File Transfer

secure file transfereTransmittal crafts solutions to meet the needs of architecture, engineering and construction firms who must send large documents, such as CAD files and blueprints, over the Internet securely and efficiently.

No longer will you need to deal with hard-to-use FTP sites and software when you need to send a large document and keep the file transfer secure, because eTransmittal is a web-based electronic document management tool that takes the place of FTP sites or email.

Our software has been built with document control and security in mind, so you can feel safe in sending your large, confidential engineering, architecture or construction documents using eTransmittal.

Control and Monitor Document Access

Online Document ManagementSecurity is intrinsic to the document control features of eTransmittal. It's more secure than email, which can be hacked, or FTP sites, which don't offer different levels of access for their files. You will have control via the Administrator login for your eTransmittal account. Your Administrator can add and delete users, as well as contacts and projects.

You get to set the level of accessibility that you want your employees and clients to have, so that they can download and view files as you see fit. The multi-layered security in eTransmittal makes it a top choice for architecture, engineering and construction firms who need assurance that unauthorized users won't have access to their confidential files.

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Transfer Files SecurelyIf eTransmittal sounds like the online document management tool that your company needs, you can register for a 14-day free trial. You will then get to experience the unlimited guest access and downloads, online and telephone customer support, an unlimited number of projects, transmittal forwarding, CSV file contact import and enhanced project file security that is available through eTransmittal.

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