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Completing big projects, generating projects, and saving time are integral parts of the Architecture process. Designing plans for large or demanding clients can be cause for frustration and confusion, not to mention that the slightest change to those plans even once during production can alter the time frame for job completion.

Engineering Document Management

As an engineer, the last thing you need is added frustrations over simple tasks like sending large files and managing documents online, especially with myriad other priorities and deadlines. Whether you are in the United States or working on an overseas project, quality assurance, control, building, site layout surveys, cost estimates, plans and schedules, safety engineering, and procurement will usually take precedence. Securing the proper solution for supplemental tasks will dissolve any stress you might have encountered with FTP.

eTransmittal: Engineered for Engineers

This one system alone can eliminate costly web based document management systems that take up computer space as well as waste money and man-hours. Consider the leader in the FTP alternative to construction document management and step into secure file transfer with eTransmittal.

eTransmittal makes it easy to:

  • Custom-tailored specifically for engineers to solve problems with project collaboration.
  • Send large files such as BIM, AutoCAD, Revit MEP or any other document too big for email.
  • Meets security requirements for U.S. Government contract compliance.
  • Receive prompt notification of any file changes, revisions and document management updates.
  • Easily navigated for everyone from the novice computer operator to advanced technician.
  • Send, find or track files in the Cloud, even in the field, from anywhere you have web access.

Don't be left behind while your competition is light years ahead in file transfer software. eTransmittal can streamline your architecture business, making each project run smoother and leaving every client satisfied.

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