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Completing big projects, generating projects, and saving time are integral parts of the Architecture process. Designing plans for large or demanding clients can be cause for frustration and confusion, not to mention that the slightest change to those plans even once during production can alter the time frame for job completion.

Architecture Project

Sometimes even simply managing the CAD files and drawing transmittals in a project can feel like you’re trying to physically move the buildings you are designing.

Don't waste that valuable time by trying to coordinate multiple projects and files for construction managers and design teams. Combine all your Architecture AutoCAD drawings, blueprints, design plans, files, and documents into one easy-to-navigate File Transfer Software with eTransmittal. Specifically designed for your largest and most demanding architecture projects, eTransmittal is a software-as-service program built with builders in mind.

eTransmittal works with your design plan by making it easy to:

  • Transfer big files easily, including AutoCAD, Revit, BIM and any other large drawing file.
  • Maintain complete control over document updates, revisions and drafting changes.
  • Securely upload and transfer documents, blueprints, and files of any size.
  • Meets security requirements for U.S. Government contract compliance.
  • Categorize files in one quick and easy system that can allow access for certain members or full access to all.
  • Receive alerts when team members download or view your transmittals.
  • Locate crucial files and documents quickly and efficiently.
  • Manage, print, and send customized status reports and timelines.

Don't Settle for Obsolete Tools Like FTP

If you're sick of FTP Issues, tired of scouring the internet for FTP help or your budget is stretched thin from document shipping costs, you're not alone. Join the thousands of Architecture professionals who have discovered the ease and efficiency of using the right tool for the right job. Sending big drawing files, blueprints and other building project documents is a snap with eTransmittal. You'll also never miss another deadline or lose any sensitive data, thanks to superior tracking and security features.

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